ESP Methodology

What Is ESP?

By definition, ESP (extrasensory perception) is a precognition that involves awareness of information about events external to the self not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experiences. While this has been a topic of dispute by many, the fact remains that having extrasensory awareness would in fact provide a high degree of advantage.

To SharedLABS, ESP is a collaborative methodology, standing for Embedded Service Partner, which is used to better facilitate corporate advantage for our clients.

Applying this same line of thought, SharedLABS will provide our “extrasensory” awareness to its current and future customer engagements and utilize the ESP (embedded service partner) methodology to promote a new and relevant long-term advantage that will enable companies to leverage intellectual capital and traverse the landscape of corporate relevance and growth requirements. To remain viable, competitive and have future shareholder value, corporations across every domain sector are now cognitively aware of the need for an advantage that affords them a future.

Improve Technical Position

ESP is an integration of capabilities and at the same time an integration of strategy that corporate leaders utilize to achieve their objectives. ESP becomes part of the corporate fabric to assist in business transformation. SharedLABS is uniquely positioned to combine its resources and the ESP process to work directly with executive leadership, upper management, mid-level management and workforce participants to lower costs and expedite change.

In addition, ESP leverages its capabilities to provide corporate leaders with trending data and projected market moves that may impact their business. This actionable intelligence is not based on corporate historical experiences but rather shifts the intelligence quotient to leverage insight into the unknown.

Strategic Knowledge

Market drivers are difficult to read at times, but what about the influence of personality, interest trends, not yet forged interests or technology. When we look across the landscape of Gen-X, Gen-Y, Gen-Z and even the Generation Alphas, most who are not even born, yet, we really venture into the unknown. The generational differences of each contribute to the forces behind industry change and force us to pass through uncharted waters. Often corporations are attempting to do this without the guidance of so much as a corporate compass with clearly defined variables of things known, much less the unknown!

But what if? What if through ESP we could create a compass to guide us confidently into the unknown? It won’t be easy, it will require a concerted effort that will tax all involved but it will be done! ESP provides the extrasensory pathway of knowledge that will guide shareholders, CEO’s and industry leaders to achieve their goals.

Corporate Strategy

To accomplish these goals, ESP utilizes a logical progression through each business unit that begins with its most advanced approach to strategy and solutions. This progression is defined by roles and broken up into three teams. The Cognition Team, Axion Team and BRAIN Workforce Team. Each team has uniquely defined roles and responsibilities that synergistically work to accomplish the business goals.

The end consequence of utilizing ESP is lowered cost, improved technical position and improved strategic knowledge. When comparing traditional development and management models to ESP, the consequences are remarkable.

ESP Team Roles

  • Cognition

    Comprised of expert analysts with particular skillsets to evaluate current and future goals of the client business and lay those goals alongside evaluations of market trends, futuristic probabilities and generational acumen.

  • Axion

    Axion is made up of leading business analysts, project analysts, project managers, and technology architects. This team will develop and oversee the creation and effort of work to create and implement the plan to accomplish the Cognition requirements.

  • Brain Workforce

    The Brightest Resources of Applications development, Infrastructure and Networks collection of talented programmers, project managers, business analysts, architects, testers, data managers, marketing talents and experts will build, test, deploy and promote the advances and capabilities of the now realized ideas brought to life from the corporate leaders and the ESP team.