SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Solutions Suite

SharedLABS, Inc. also offers its own suite of distributed ledger technology solutions in an easy to use and adopt framework. They consist of SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Vault (bcV), SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Proof Framework, and SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Proven Register.

The SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Proof Framework (bcPF)

The SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Proof Framework stands as a suite of tools and services used to implement distributed ledger technologies.

The SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Proof Framework was designed from the ground up as a rapid development environment for architecting smart contracts and other advanced distributed ledger solutions.

SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Proof Framework consists of four phases:

  • Proof Framework Phase 1
    Assess detailed use cases and determine that all, or which pieces of the problem, can and should be solved with distributed ledger technology.
  • Proof Framework Phase 2
    Rapid prototyping a proof of concept (POC). Implement base level communications back to the off-distributed ledger “outside world,” such as an existing website. In many scenarios, this is smart contract development and/or token ICO services.
  • Proof Framework Phase 3
    Run the POC in a 3-step iterative process of test environments, each designed specifically to ensure no stone is left unturned in the design. Prepare the smart contract(s) for deployment and ensure all software communications/interactions are operational.
  • Proof Framework Phase 4
    System deployment and interaction with the targeted distributed ledger technology’s “Mainnet.” SharedLABS provides industry-leading support and orientation to guide clients through monitoring the system’s operation.

SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Proven Register (bcPR)

The SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Proven Register is a software utility that creates an ownership registry and tracks the chain-of-custody throughout an asset's lifecycle and utilizes its messaging platform to provide notifications of asset transfer or state change.

One such implementation of the Proven Register is an Ethereum-based smart contract accessed via an API. This would provide a client with proof-of-ownership of an asset, an immutable record of chain-of-custody, ability to limit the quantity of said asset, and fulfillment of contractual obligations, including payments related to the asset.

SharedLABS Distributed Ledger Technology Vault (bcV)

The SharedLABS bcV is a distributed, decentralized, cloud-based, next-generation storage network powered by consensus.

It is available in three broad configurations

  • bcV Config1:
    The public-facing bcV offers hosts an array of “nodes” that participate as members of the broader public community of several distributed ledger technology and distributed storage technologies.
    Config1 is a completely open source, fully managed and monitored storage matrix.
  • bcV Config2:
    This private-facing bcV is a permission-bound, secured access solution, with all of the same features and capabilities of Config1, but is designed to address the demands of data-regulated and highly competitive industries. This bcV Config is configured to ensure only the approved network participants operate in a consortium of stakeholders.
  • bcV Config3:
    This hybrid bcV Config allows for highly available, massively sailable solutions which leverage a proprietary software-defined networking technology and allow application delivery across any public, private, or hybrid cloud environment without the need for any installed hardware or software in the client configuration.

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